Cement Factory, Albania

Fushe-Kruje is a town just north of the country’s capital Tirana in Durres County, Albania. The cement factory is a significant landmark in the town and plays a crucial role in the development of local infrastructure. There is a borehole on site that supplies water to the site and which has historically struggled to meet the required standard for drinking water.


To create a sustainable and wholesome drinking water supply for the cement factory estate.

Oasis Drinking Water Treatment

Source Water

The source water was from a freshwater borehole which was found to be contaminated both with heavy metal elements and biological contaminants.


The town is a semi-industrial suburban area not far from the capital city with good road connections.


The owners of the factory contacted us after tests revealed bacterial contamination of the drinking water supply. They immediately suspended the water distribution and put in place a temporary alternative whilst they sought a sustainable solution. They contacted us at Portsmouth Aqua to see if we could help. We learnt that the factory had over three hundred and fifty employees and an onsite borehole water supply that fed a vast distribution network across the site, serving offices, production areas, restaurants and residential buildings. Given that the factory’s purpose is cement production, we were anticipating some serious challenges with the levels and range of contamination in their borehole water. Analysis revealed that the water supply on heavily polluted site was indeed affected by manganese (a heavy metal) and biological contaminants. – coliforms and E. Coli. The laboratory report gave us the information that we needed to begin to design and configure a PaquaVida unit that would address all of the issues with the water. Within weeks the unit was assembled and tested at our site in Portsmouth, UK. We then put the PaquaVida unit together within a shipping container and transported by road to Albania.  Working closely with the team at the factory, we were able to have the PaquaVida unit up and running within a few days. Samples taken after testing and further analysis showed that the PaquaVida water purification unit was producing clean, wholesome drinking water much to the delight of the factory management and employees.

Our Results


‘All test results proved that the water does not have any bacterial or heavy metal contamination any more and is in compliance with the quality parameters for consumption. Thanks to your good job, on-site training and advice, the unit is running in perfect conditions.’

Fisnik Elezi, Electrical Engineer and Project Manager, Fushe-Kruja Cement Factory