How does the PaquaVida Water Purification System Work?

Paqua offers the latest innovative, earth-friendly technology. With our PaquaVida Water Purification System, you can enjoy a continuous supply of safe, fresh drinking water, almost anywhere. 

Whether you’re looking to move away from transported tanked water, or simply want to replace your current drinking water treatment system with a more environmentally-friendly option without the need for large quantities of hazardous chemicals, we can help.

Understanding Your Source Water

The first step in developing a water purification system that will deliver a sustainable supply of safe, clean drinking water is to develop a thorough and detailed understanding of your source water. To achieve this, we will need a detailed analysis of your source water supply against the drinking water criteria set out in the relevant legal standards. These may be set at the EU level – such as in the European Drinking Water Directive 98/83 EC and/or national drinking water standards that apply in your country. This then provides our baseline and helps us to understand which modules need to be included in your PaquaVida Water Purification System to address the specific issues in your source water.

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Plan & Build

PaquaVida Water Purification Systems are modular, meaning that each one is custom-built according to your needs and your source water. In order to get it right every time, we carefully consider your source water report and other particulars of your situation, including the location, physical layout, site specific details, infrastructure, and required water flow rate. We include you in these discussions and then prepare a specification for a modular PaquaVida Water Purification System that will deliver on your specific water supply requirements and circumstances.

There are a wide range of modules that can be incorporated into the system to address the various issues that may be in your source water, from turbidity through to heavy metal contamination and microbiological contamination.

Advanced Filtration

Here the supply water can be treated for impurities in all but the microbiological load, and through a series of steps, source water quality can be improved in a wide variety of ways. Examples include reducing turbidity, removing Iron, Manganese, Ammonium, Nitrates and Nitrites, and adjusting Hardness and pH. This is a key step to ensure the water quality is good enough to enter the next module. Our PaquaVida system can be made up of any technology required, from Ionisers to filters to create a solution built to your specific needs.


Here the PaquaVida Water Purification System completely removes all microbiological load from the water using a combination of Ultra-filtration membranes and our unique disinfection solution. This solution is created within the unit itself from an electrolysis process, and is injected into the water flow to keep the whole system clean and clear of biofilm. This in turn increases the module efficiency. This part of the process removes contaminants such as mycobacterium, fungi, viruses, bacterial endospores, gram-positive/negative bacteria, including all waterborne pathogens currently considered high risk (e.g. Coliforms, Escherichia coli and Legionella).

This whole process is fully automated, performing its own controlled dosing, backwashes, and enhanced cleaning with no additional products needed, and reacting to the ever-changing source water quality automatically. 

Included is a potable water buffer tank, ready for delivery to the customer infrastructure ensuring a reserve is always available. The potable water has a small amount of residual disinfection which although imperceptible and harmless, will prevent microorganism regrowth.

No energy? No problem

With very low energy requirements, PaquaVida Water Purification Systems can be run from solar and/or wind turbine power, and so is well-suited to being run completely ‘off-grid’ or in remote locations.

Uninterrupted Power Supply - UPS

We recognise that not all locations have the luxury of a continuous clean power supply. We are able to offer an Uninterrupted Power Supply solution that will keep some or all modules running for a short period of time when power goes off-line. The UPS is also useful for variations in power supply, essentially ironing out the anomalies so the system runs smoothly. During times when the UPS is in action, optional strobes will flash to alert the operator that there is a power issue. Once the mains power or customer back-up generators come back on-line, the UPS will automatically recharge ready for the next event, giving you peace of mind that the system will continue to produce drinking water even if there is no mains power.

The overall integrated solution of water flow is completely autonomous and requires no operator intervention except for the occasional top up of salt for on-board disinfection production, with the exception of prescribed maintenance.

Easy Transportation

Once your PaquaVida Water Purification System has been assembled, we can usually transport it fully set up within a standard shipping container, or if travelling by road, in a high-top van, making it easy to transport to almost any location. Some customers like to keep the system within the shipping container on an ongoing basis and simply ‘plug it in’ on arrival at a prepared and agreed location.

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