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  • PaquaVida proven to EU Drinking Water Directive 98/83
  • PaquaVida highly effective against source water contaminants
  • PaquaLyte is proven to destroy 99.99% of known bacteria and viruses upon application.
  • PaquaVida produces very high drinking water yield
  • Researched with UWE

Great Value

  • PaquaVida has low-cost, safe, easily sourced consumables
  • PaquaVida has low power requirements
  • PaquaVida has low maintenance and simple to operate
  • PaquaVida is available to buy or lease
  • PaquaLyte can be purchased in larger quantities, providing excellent value for money


  • PaquaVida is made up of self-contained modular units that can be monitored remotely
  • PaquaVida units fit in ISO containers or existing infrastructure
  • PaquaVida systems are easy to use and maintain by local people
  • PaquaVida requires no harsh chemicals and are self-cleaning
  • PaquaLyte doesn’t require dilution