Our Standards and Operations

The PaquaVida Water Purification System has been rigorously tested across multiple environments in partnership with the University of the West of England. The parts and supplies which make up the system have also been tested extensively throughout Europe, and Paqua ensure safety and reliability by only using these premium quality parts. There are PaquaVida Water Purification Systems in place across Europe, meeting both country-specific and EU drinking water standards and serving homes, businesses and hospitals. 

Leading Components

Systems Approach

Our manufacturing and production processes are nothing short of meticulous. We take a systems approach to ensuring that the whole production process works not only step-by-step but as a whole system, and in a way that can handle whole-system challenge.

Each of our variations of the PaquaVida Water Purification System is planned and put together at our factory in Portsmouth, UK, using leading component suppliers such as Grundfos. We only use components that meet the highest international standards.

Quality Assurance

All of our manufacturing processes operate under a rigorous quality management system with ISO 9001 certification.

Sustainable Production

Manufacturing and engineering sectors are increasingly getting to grips with the environmental and sustainability agenda. At Paqua, it is at the core of what we do and why we operate. Applying these principles to every area of production is an ongoing challenge, but one in which we are determined to keep on improving.

Our People

Our team, their expertise and their motivation is the driver of our success. We continue to invest in them in the belief that this is how we ensure our own sustainability.  We believe that it is by nurturing a highly motivated and highly skilled team that we will get their very best. It is this that has helped us create and deliver such innovative solutions for our customers.

Ongoing Support

We see our customers as partners. This is how we ensure that we develop a deep understanding of their needs and in doing so, can deliver a solution that works for them in the long term. We see the delivery of a PaquaVida Water Purification System not as the end of a customer relationship but the beginning, and one that is looked after and supported long-term. We strive for excellence and know that means ongoing support, and as a Paqua customer this is something that you will enjoy.

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