Paqua team win the Environmental Innovation of the Year award

The Paqua team from Portsmouth Aviation were delighted to win the Environmental Innovation of the Year award at Portsmouth’s first-ever Innovation Awards. 

The Awards organised by The News and JPI Media in association with Portsmouth City Council took place at the Village Hotel at Lakeside North Business Park on 4th November 2021. The Innovation Awards attracted over 120 guests and showcased innovations from across industry sectors, health and education.

The Portsmouth News featured the event in full.

The Environmental Innovation award recognised the environmental credentials of the Oasis Drinking Water purification units, now known as PaquaVida water treatment units. These innovative systems are so much more environmentally friendly than traditional mainstream systems. The PaquaVida purification units use little power, unlike the Reverse-Osmosis drinking water treatment systems, which have very high-power consumption due to the high pressures involved in processing the water. The PaquaVida water purification units transform contaminated water into drinking water with little waste, unlike Reverse -Osmosis systems where over 50% of the processed water goes to waste.

PaquaVida Water purification units do not rely on large amounts of hazardous chemicals. Instead, they rely primarily on a mixture of salt and electrical energy (wind or solar-generated options available) to transform contaminated source water into wholesome drinking water that meets international drinking water standards.  

With a PaquaVida unit using solar panels and wind turbines with battery backup, it can run water purification from source waters of ponds, lakes and rivers using low power and with high efficiency that self-cleans and does not require a large number of disposable filters. 

This combination of low energy requirements, a self-cleaning system, minimal use of chemicals, and minimal waste PaquaVida Water purification system is an award-winning environmental innovation.

Nick Scott, Technical Manager at Paqua, said:

‘This award means a lot to the team at Paqua. It recognises the excellence of the innovation behind our PaquaVida water purification. The units take a completely different approach than most to treating drinking water. The awards also recognise the environmental benefits of this approach.‘

We believe that the PaquaVida Water Treatment System can transform the water infrastructure for a wide variety of locations. 

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