Leamna Hospital

Dolj County, Romania

Leamna Pneumology Hospital, located in Leamna Village,  Dolj County, Romania, asked for help clearing the physico-chemical and bacteriological contamination of its own water source – an 80 m deep well. The hospital specialises in the treatment of people with serious lung conditions such as Tuberculosis and so a steady, reliable supply of clean, wholesome drinking water is critical.


To create a sustainable and sufficient, clean and wholesome drinking water supply into the Hospital estate that meets all required standards.

Oasis Drinking Water Treatment

Source Water

The source water was from a freshwater borehole at a depth of 80 metres and which was located onsite. The water was found to be contaminated both with heavy metal elements and coliforms.


The hospital was in a relatively rural location in a village in Dolj County which is in south western Romania.


The hospital had struggled for a number of years with the water supply from their borehole and had not been able to rely on it as their source of fresh drinking water. It’s brown coloration clearly indicated potential contamination issues and with recent questions arising around the soundness of local sewage treatment infrastructure – identifying and addressing these contamination issues had become a top priority. After an opening discussion with the Medical Director at the Hospital, borehole water samples were taken and analysed at the local approved laboratory. The water was tested against the standards set out in EU Drinking Water Directive and those in Romanian legal requirements Law no 458/2002. The detailed analysis revealed significant problems with contamination with Escherichia Coli and ammonia and also heavy metals. It also had considerable turbidity issues. A plan was drawn up for a PaquaVida unit with the modules that would address each of the identified issues. Over the course of the next few weeks, the unit was put together and tested and then assembled and transported within a shipping container to the hospital in Leamna. Two of our engineers travelled to the site to meet with the project lead at the hospital and facilitate the installation. The unit was up and running within 24 hours  and the resulting water showed an instant visual improvement. Samples were taken by the hospital and analysed and were found to fully meet all relevant drinking water standards. The hospital team continued to return excellent test results and were delighted to be able to bring fresh wholesome drinking water across the hospital estate thanks to their new PaquaVida water treatment system. 

Our Results

“After passing through the unit, the water is brought to normal values (without any cfu). Also physicochemical examination indicates the perfect operation of the purification unit”

Dr Merisanu Valentina
Primary Physician