What makes PaquaVida so cost effective?

What makes Oasis so cost-effective?


Cost effectiveness is an important factor to consider for a water treatment system. It ensures longevity in its use which can support sustainability goals and help protect the planet. Our Oasis Water Treatment units use technology that requires very little energy in almost any location – that way, running costs are [very] low and do not impede your ability to have your own wholesome clean water supply. Portsmouth Aqua can also provide a power solution for areas that many have intermittent power supplies. This can act as a “back-up” during any temporary loss of usual power.

We wanted our Oasis Water Treatment unit to be an inclusive product that could meet the needs of any customer, so this offering helps keep the product accessible for all. If cleaning the system was a concern for you, you can rest assured that the Oasis Water Treatment system requires no lengthy system outages to do this. Our use of a natural cleaning solution – called Paqualyte – keeps the system biofilm free autonomously. Find out more about how our water units can reduce your water supply costs with long term benefits below:


Low energy costs

The Oasis Water Treatment unit can be run using solar power or wind turbines. Wind turbines offer one of the cheapest forms of energy, providing you with a very cheap fuel source. Generating your own energy allows you to rely less on the National Grid which naturally translates into lower energy costs. Power supplies experience high demand during daily peak time periods. Solar power can generate more energy during these peak periods where natural energy reaches its maximum production. 

We understand that access to solar energy can be unpredictable depending on your location. To overcome this barrier, we provide the option of an uninterrupted power supply that can maintain the running of the essential modules in your Oasis Water Treatment unit during downtime on your usual power supply. The uninterrupted power supply will recharge once your usual power or backup generators initiate. This makes our product pro-active and sustainable, pre-empting any potential challenges and offering cost-effective solutions to preserve and maintain product functioning.

Oasis Water Treatment units function largely autonomously, so there is no need to employ maintenance technicians to monitor the water supply. This can be a great relief for many locations that do not have the means or expertise to take on such a task. The only manual maintenance task required is the occasional top-up of salt in the system to facilitate the continuous production of disinfectant, with the salts being a low-cost purchase.


Low cleaning costs

We use a natural disinfectant solution that is safe to use and effective at destroying bacteria and deadly viruses that could contaminate your water supply. This solution, called Paqualyte, prevents the need for harsh chemicals that can not only present a risk to human health and the environment but can also result in higher costs (since they require continuous replenishment). Our Paqualyte solution is made using only salt, water, and electricity, so the only material that would require replenishment is salt. This minimises the need for excess storage of harsh chemicals, as well as avoiding any additional reliance on supply chains to source additional materials. 

At Portsmouth Aqua, we are sustainable in terms of our own production and manufacturing, with this being a key value at the heart of our business. That is why we produce Paqualyte on-demand when it is needed, reducing waste and cost. The unit doses the correct amount of disinfectant into the water independently, so no wastage is incurred. Water loss from our units is very low, with a combined water loss of less than 15% for both water treatment and production of the Paqualyte disinfectant solution.

Longevity and simplicity

When designing the Oasis Water Treatment units, a key factor we were certain about incorporating was product longevity and simplicity. It can often be challenging to consider making changes to existing infrastructure. It can provoke a fear of increased work, and switching to something new and unknown can cause anxiety. For some, these feelings can override the benefits of a cost-effective solution because of a resistance to change. Acknowledging this, Portsmouth Aqua has ensured that the Oasis Water Treatment unit is fully integrated with its cleaning solution for easy operation and peace of mind in operation.

 We have managed to achieve this with the unit expected to produce clean drinking water for an astounding 20 hours per day, seven days a week, with the automated cleaning processes taking place in the remaining hours. The major components in the Oasis Water Treatment unit have a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years (provided that authorised servicing is undertaken, and electrical components are WEEE compliant). With its ease of use, minimal maintenance [requirements], and more sustainable treatment methods, we believe that the Oasis Water Treatment System can transform the water infrastructure for a wide variety of locations. 

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